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Carol Danvers | Seventeen | Junior | FC: Amanda Seyfried | CLOSED

If their is one way to get Carol to do something it’s by telling her she can’t. Always ignored by her father for her older brother, Carol has been trying to keep up with the boys since a young age. Strong willed, and intelligent Carol was making her way through the Air Force JROTC in high school and was on the fast track to the Air Force Academy after finding out from her father that he could not pay for her future college education as he was focusing on putting her brother through school. As a strong leader, Carol was the first junior to reach the rank Chief Master Sergeant in ROTC when she got caught up in a battle between combating alien forces on a field trip to a local military base. In the aftermath she mysteriously gained Kree DNA mixed within her own genetic make-up and gained all the powers that came with it. Now at Marvel Academy with limitless possibilities before her she is trying to gain control of her new abilities and learn how to challenge herself in new ways. Nothing can stop her now as she literally reaches for the stars flying at half the speed of sound.

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